b'Look for materials. Even before that ban, only 9%These Labels Material science in the compostable of the worlds plastic was recycled. Not all eco-friendly productsproduct category has advanced These factors demonstrate theare compostable. Compostabilityconsiderably in the last two decades. While difficulty in recycling foodservicerequires the item to biodegradecompostable products disintegrate in products. Despite being generally pricedand disintegrate according tocommercial composting, they keep food at a premium in comparison to expandedscientific test standards of ASTMfresh from the restaurant to the home. polystyrene, compostable productsD6400 or D6868, depending on theInnovation in packaging has also driven a provide a promising alternative. product. Look for these eco-labelsnew era of soak- and leak-proof options, on compostable products: which keep food intact. Plastic packaging Diverting from LandfillsBiodegradable Productsis unable to breathe, trapping steam and Composting bypasses the need forInstitute (BPI) causing sogginess. Yet many eco-friendly international shipping of waste products, TV Austria OK Compostfibers keep food items crispy and fresh.which contributes to the carbon footprintIndustrial Small and mid-sized restaurants are of recycling. Furthermore, food is not awidely perceived as more capable of contaminant for compostable products. Compost Manufacturingincorporating sustainable disposable More food is diverted from the landfill whenAlliance products. However, dozens of large compostable products are accepted. Whenfoodservice and restaurant companies food waste is landfilled, it creates methane, aMore Stepshave proven it is possible at scale and powerful greenhouse gas that is as much asacross multiple locations.25 times more potent than carbon dioxide. to Take toMany sustainable product Talk to your waste hauler aboutmanufacturers can meet high demand commercial composting and whether theyReduce Waste and volume today. Corporate branding accept these materials: food scraps, foodand other personalization are possible, as waste (post-consumer), fiber, paper and Ask customers if they needwith traditional products. While price is bioplastic (including bioplastic linings). cutlery, napkins and sauces. occasionally a barrier, many operators are Traditional tree-fiber products, such Ask customers if they preferwilling to pay a modest premium to offer as coffee cups and soup containers,the order be bagged.their patrons a more sustainable option, usually have a petroleum-based lining, Remind employees to provideespecially if it enables both food and making them non-compostable andthese items at a minimum,packaging waste to be composted.challenging to recycle. Compostablecorresponding to order size.Overall, making an effort to incorporate alternatives use bioplastic such as PLAgreen practices into the to-go experience as a lining to allow the whole cup or bowl Experiment with reusableshows customers that you care about to be composted. Compostable papercontainers that customers canthe environment and are offering them a foodservice ware, such as those madebring back for a deposit.premium takeout dining experience. from rapidly renewable fibers like bamboo and sugarcane, are gaining traction.Cutlery made from molded fiber and compostable plastics derived from corn, tapioca starches and lactic acid are alternatives to traditional plastic utensils, often unable to be recycled. Fiber cutleryABOUT THE AUTHORhas recently been introduced to theLauren K. Olson is the Zero market. Wood utensils are also an option. Waste Manager at World Centric (worldcentric.com). She holds a These compostable products help divertmasters degree in Community food waste from the landfill, since theyreSustainability, specializing in easy to compost with food waste. Consumersdecision-making about waste, can add them, food waste included, to theirand a bachelors degree in residential composting pick-up (if acceptedEnvironmental Economics, both from Michigan State University.by the commercial composter).CATERING, FOODSERVICE & EVENTS cfe-news.com43'