b'Personalized DetailsWith smaller guest lists, hosts are really bringing it when it comes to the tablescape and the personalization, says Carnevale. This attention to detail and creative focus is what elevates an event from nice to truly memorable. For example, Keith Willard, owner/planner at Keith Willard Events, recently wove a couples love of travel into an unforgettable dcor feature at their outdoor wedding. Willard created a canopy of brightly colored ribbons, inspired by the vibrant fabrics adorning sacred sites the couple visited in Indonesia, to float over guests at the ceremony. Then the ribbonson which guests had written their well-wishes to the couplewere tied to birch trees leading the way to dinner. Willard then had the ribbons braided into a piece of keepsake art for the bride and groom.Above and top: Keith Willard Events24 CATERING, FOODSERVICE & EVENTS cfe-news.com THIS PAGE: PHOTOS BY MUNOZ PHOTOGRAPHY'