b'Caterers Favorites for Outdoor Cooking EquipmentThe ultimate catering oven, OLE HICKORY PITS CTO-DW uses patented technology to achieve the heat movement used in convection ovens, allowing food to be cooked consistently with extreme efficiency and distribution of heat and smoke, all contained within a small space.This cook-and-hold oven features convenient sliding racks and 40 square feet of cooking surface. It is offered in two different rack configu-rationsthe standard four rack and the split eight rack. The eight-rack configuration has a divider down the middle of the pit to optimize cooking capacity, making room for main courses, side dishes and desserts all at once.All Ole Hickory Pits smokers are made in the USA out of heavy duty 12-gauge steel interior side walls with 100% welded and inspected seams, and a stainless-steel exterior. Extra options are avail-able for customization. olehickorypits.comThe SP-300 LA CAJA CHINA can roast a 100-pound pigor a large quantity of any meat to be roasted, slow-cooked and seared with a minimum of fuss, including up to 18 chickens, up to six turkeys or up to 10 rib slabs. The American-made SP-300 has a grilling surface of 1,070 square inches and is made of marine-grade aluminum for durability and easy cleaning. The portable SP-300 can be easily pulled onto a patio or loaded onto a truck bed to be transported to any off-site event. lacajachina.com38 CATERING, FOODSERVICE & EVENTS cfe-news.com'