b'The ARTEFLAME Classic 40-inch grill with tall round base and cooktop features a sleek, contemporary look and outstanding functionality. A wood or charcoal fire is built in the center of the grill, and the cooktop heats from the center out. This heat pattern results in higher cooking temperatures closer in as compared to the outer edges, so a variety of foods can be cooked at various temperatures at the same time. When not in use as a grill, Arteflame can be enjoyed as a fire bowl with the cooktop on or off. All Arteflame Classic grills have the accessory ring under the cooktop so that the optional sizzle grate can be dropped in and lay flush with the cooktop.arteflame.comA-Series Grills from BIG JOHN GRILLS & ROTISSERIESa leading supplier of outdoor grills to the foodservice industry for over 59 yearsare durable enough to transport daily yet perform to the highest grilling standard. The temperature of each cooking grate is independently controlledproviding excellent heat controland Big John is the only outdoor, commercial gas grill to offer the advantages of Cast Iron Cooking Grates (optional on nine A-Series models).bigjohngrills.comHandcrafted in Michigan, the KALAMAZOO Argentinian-style Gaucho Grill combines the rugged intensity and firepower of a traditional Argentinian grill with a modern design, for the ultimate wood-fired grilling experience. The 30-inch spoked wheel allows food to be raised high above the fire for lower-temperature cooking, or the grill rack can be lowered toward the fire for intense searing heat.kalamazoogourmet.comCATERING, FOODSERVICE & EVENTS cfe-news.com39'