b'Friendly Ghost Kitchens and Online Orders Cali BBQ calibbq.mediaT heres clearly a growing appetite since the pandemic for information on how to smoke meats and grill at homethe same with people searching for barbecue to order online and eat at home, says Shawn Walchef, founder and owner of Cali Comfort BBQ in San Diego.Walchef has experienced the latter trend first-hand. When indoor dining closed at his full-service restaurant and sports bar in 2020, sales plummeted 50% overnight. Working with Restaurant Accounting Services Inc. (RASI), Walchef quickly instituted several changes, including adding on-site ordering kiosks and pivoting to a takeout-and-delivery-only model.The strategy worked. On Mothers Day 2020 alone, the restaurant logged $20,000 in sales in four hours compared to $16,000 in 14 hours the year before. Cali Comfort BBQ also realized a 15% reduction in labor expenses and 5% reduction in food costs, and achieved higher profits than ever.32 CATERING, FOODSERVICE & EVENTS cfe-news.com'