b'As a result, Walchef decided to turn Cali BBQ from a full-service restaurant and sports bar into a digital-first restaurant, and that is what we will be going forward. More than half of the existing restaurant is being transformed into a master smokehouse and media center (Walchef also hosts a blog and video series about business and marketing in the digital world).The smokehouse commissary will serve friendly ghost kitchens, as Walchef calls them, the first of which has opened near downtown San Diegowith more to come. All friendly ghost kitchen locations will be strategically selected in sites across San Diego County to best serve zip codes that are most searching for barbecue online, says Walchef.The ghost kitchens will serve some variation of Cali BBQs menu (based on local preferences) as well as a new concept, Cali Wings.While previously in-person dining accounted for 70 percent of Cali BBQs business, with takeout and catering making up the rest, now one-third of our current sales are delivery, one-third is online for pickup, and the other third is people ordering takeout at the restaurant, says Walchef.One of the most popular orders is the Tailgater BBQ Feast, made for a crowd, including all the companys slow-smoked meat specialtiesbrisket, tri-tip, pork ribs, rib tips, pulled pork and chickenas well as such popular sides as wedding beans, mac and cheese, potato salad and jalapeo cornbread.We also sell our signature Cali BBQ Fishbowl Cocktails to Go, says Walchef. They are adult drink kits that include a fun craft cocktail, fishbowl container, garnish and rubber ducky to float on top. Think of them like Adult Happy Meals.Walchef eventually has his sights set on expanding outside San Diego. The plan is to find a way to give everyone in the San Diego area (and beyond) an easy way to order Cali BBQ quickly and digitally, he says. Cali BBQ serves Slow FoodFast. We dont want to discriminate on how people get our barbecue; we just want them to be able to order our slow-smoked barbecue whenever they want.CATERING, FOODSERVICE & EVENTS cfe-news.com33'