b"INSIDERS INSIGHTSweet EndingsCarefully crafted dessertsIdont know about you, but Im often tempted to skip right over a meal to the are upsell opportunitiesdessert! Its amazing to me that no matter how exquisite of a dinner I am served and how that leave guests smiling full I am after it, I always seem to have room for BY ROBIN SELDEN, dessert. Whos with me?MANAGING PARTNER AND EXECUTIVE CHEFOur clients are, as they crave beautiful OF MARCIA SELDEN CATERING restaurant-quality plated desserts to round out their menus. We delight their sweet tooths with desserts that have just the right amount of sweetness, an occasional touch of savory, Marcia Selden Catering's carefully crafted desserts includea creamy delicious texture and, of course, (clockwise from above) dark chocolate salted caramel tart;that much-needed crunch to round out the pear and orange sorbetto; chocolate caramel popcorn cake;indulgent experience. and Tahitian vanilla and orange panna cotta.18 CATERING, FOODSERVICE & EVENTS cfe-news.com PHOTOS BY ROBIN SELDEN"