b'newsPRODUCTS|PEOPLE|EVENTS|EXTRASProducts You Cant Live WithoutDRINKS GONE VIRALTurn every drink into a memorable experience with Ripples, the beverage-top media solution for printing on foam-topped drinks such as beer, lattes and cocktails. Ripples lets you personalize drinks in real time with illustrations, greetings, logos, hashtags, selfies and morethere\'s no limit to what you can design. To create drink prints, the devices utilize patented "ink" pods made from plant-based extracts with no artificial ingredients. An intuitive touchscreen interface and sleek countertop design make the Ripple Maker II and Ripple Maker II Pro both easy to use and efficient. The result? Attention-grabbing Shito Sauce drinks that guests love to photograph and share for exceptional word-of-mouth. Identified as a 2023 trending ingredient by drinkripples.comthe Specialty Food Associations Trendspotter Panel (see p. 14), shito is a hot pepper sauceCRYSTAL-CLEAR BENEFITS With a Bar Maid glass popular in Ghanaian cuisine. Also known aspolisher, one employee can polish hundreds of glasses per shitor, the condiments ingredients can varyhoursaving labor costs while producing sparkling glassware. by region but generally include kpakpo shitoMore sanitary than hand-polishing, Bar Maid also reduces peppers (although other types ofthe risk of hand injuries and results in virtually no breakages. Theres even a champagne flute polishing head available. peppers can be substituted,Polish up to 350 glasses per hour such as Scotch bonnet), driedwith the GP-100, which is suited for shrimp, dried fish, ginger,high-volume polishing by hotels, onions, garlic, tomatoes,event venues, restaurants, caterers, spices and oil. and glassware rental companies. With its rich umami flavor,Polish up to 290 glasses per hour shito is eaten with nearlywith the GP-3 Mini, a everything in Ghana. The saucecompact polisher perfect works well as a marinade forfor anywhere space is a chicken and shrimp, and adds apremium or portability a spicy kick to dips and relishes. must. bestinthebar.com6 CATERING, FOODSERVICE & EVENTS cfe-news.com'