b'NOYES: I am bullish on 2023 for our industry. There is a lot of pent-up demand on the corporate What are your predictionsand convention side of the industry that had not fully recovered in 2022. The social and not-for-profit for the industry? segments continue to perform well after a few years of many cancelations and postponements. The sports and entertainment and the tourism attraction segments continue to be strong, and as a result we are forecasting pre-pandemic levels if not better for HANSEN: I think a lot of it depends upon yourthose business segments of our industry.locale. People are always going to get married. If the economy slumps, there will still be weddings,GRYGO: We believe 2023 will be a strong demand but the price point will be less. I think lots dependsyear for catering. However, we are fearful that a upon the election. If people feel confident thatrecession is looming at the end of 2023, from the business is going to be recognized for what it is andincreasing rates from the Fed. We are preparing for business owners are going to be supported, then thebothan increase of business and a decrease of economy will continue to grow and prosper. businessbut that is very hard to do, as the biggest challenge to our increase in revenues is staffing.ARVIDSON: We are seeing events return in a big way because people are more comfortable hostingGROSS: I think we will continue to see a shift in the events and going to attractions. While the guestindustry landscape for the next 12 to 18 months. We counts for weddings and private events are currentlymay see some additional closures, but I also think lower, we anticipate that they will grow back tothere will be new concepts, brand expansions and normal levels over 2023. We will use what wevegrowth in private event spaces. Some of the biggest learned over the past three years to continue totrends I expect to see continue: innovate and grow.Improvement of to-go and delivery packaging (eco/sustainable products, better temp control)CARNEY: I am predicting that 2023 will be another Use of technology such as robotics to strong year for our industry due to everyone beingstreamline workforce needs (primarily in the quick-locked in for a couple years. I do also predict theservice restaurant and foodservice sectors)higher costs will stay, and that we will be evaluating Streamlined and flexible menus that allow for each event we take on, focus on quality vs. quantitysubstitutionsof events, and maintaining the focus of work-life Increased health and wellness programs for harmony for our industry. employees Focus on celebratory events and unique guest experiences 42 CATERING, FOODSERVICE & EVENTS cfe-news.com'