b'DRINKSElevating Events with a Craft Cocktail BarBoost revenue andH ow many weddings have you attended where the bar line was long, and the drinks repeat businesswerent that great? The answer is probably Too many.with a well-run barA basic bar is a thing of the past; a wedding is made that much more unique with a customized craft serving thoughtfullybar, including signature cocktails and memorable details that reflect the event or couple.customized drinks As a caterer, you want to offer better options than simple beer, wine and cocktails. An elevated drinks BY CHRIS TUNSTALL,menu will not only please your wedding couples and CO-FOUNDER OF A BAR ABOVE their guests, but an upscale luxury bar with options is something you can charge more for.Plus, when guests are thrilled with their cocktails and service, theyre more likely to hire you in the future. Gaining a reputation for high-end offerings means more referrals.44 CATERING, FOODSERVICE & EVENTS cfe-news.com PHOTO BY CANDICE PICARD VIA UNSPLASH.COM'