b'FEATUREBY SARA PEREZ WEBBERTyingthe Knotin 2023From nostalgia-themed celebrations tomulti-day affairs, experts divulge 20 of the top trends influencing weddings in the new yearPearlsA nostalgic detail poised to take center stage at weddings is the classic pearl. If theres one big takeaway from New York Bridal Fashion Week, its that pearls will dominate the aesthetic for 2023 celebrations, says Meghan Ely, principal at OFD CONSULTING, who recently co-presented the 2023 Wedding Trends session at Wedding MBA in Las Vegas. Pearls, however, will not be simply relegated to the fashion of the day; expect to see pearl embellishments in unexpected spots. This pairs well with the Regency-core theme made popular by such pop culture phenoms as [Netflix series] Bridgerton.LEFT PHOTO BY BRITTANY BAYS PHOTOGRAPHY, PLANNING AND DESIGN BY KMC WEDDINGS AND EVENTS; 24 CATERING, FOODSERVICE & EVENTS cfe-news.com RIGHT PHOTO BY KYLE JOHN PHOTOGRAPHY, PLANNING AND DESIGN BY ANN TRAVIS EVENTS'