b'RECIPE CORNERModern CocktailsSmoked Old FashionedSmoked Old Fashioned Served at Prime Social KCSERVICE GLASS:Snifter or rocks glassF or on-trend cocktails, try these three recipes from Nick Ansara, beveragePREP GLASS:Beaker, bottlemanager at Cameron Mitchell Restaurants in Columbus, Ohio. The cocktailsGARNISH:Dehydrated orange, smokefeature the current trends of smoking, tequila, and fat-washingthe technique of infusing a spirit with an oil or fat, freezing it, and removing the separatedINGREDIENTSfat. The flavor remains, and the process gives the cocktail a silky-smooth texture. 2 ounces WoodfordDouble Oaked Bourbon ounce Milligans BourbonBarrel-Aged Maple SyrupTequila Old Fashioned 2 dashes black walnut bittersServed at The BarnMETHODSERVICE GLASS:Rocks glass METHODMix Woodford, syrup and bitters in a PREP GLASS:BeakerCombine all ingredients in beaker. large mixing beaker. Add ice, and stir.GARNISH:2x2 cube, Orange Swath, Add ice; stir for 20 seconds until Use butane torch on cedar plank expressed on down side of glass condensation forms. until it starts to smoke.INGREDIENTSStrain into service glass over 2x2.Place serving glass upside-down 1ounces Herradura AnejoExpress orange swath over cocktail. over torched spot. ounce Amaro NoninoUse the portable smoker and cedarounce vanilla-infused mezcalVanilla-Infused Mezcal chips to fill bottle with smoke.(see right) INGREDIENTSAdd Old Fashioned mix from beaker 6 drops Bittermans Hellfire Bitters 4 ounces simple syrupto the smoke bottle and cap.6 drops saline4 ounces Del Vida Maguey Mezcal ounce vanilla Madagascar syrupSwirl Old Fashioned in bottle to infuse it with the smoke.METHODPour into serving glass. Combine ingredients.Top with a dehydrated orangeStir well. Label, date, refrigerate. slice; torch.48 CATERING, FOODSERVICE & EVENTS cfe-news.com PHOTOS BY CAMERON MITCHELL RESTAURANTS'