b'Do you foresee supply chain and staffing issues continuing in 2023?GRYGO: Yes, these will be challenges that willcareers and everything that entails. The good news be around for a while, we believe. That is whatis that business owners are realizing that recruitment will restrict the majority of catering companiesand retention policies are what sets one business growth and scalabilitysupply chain and staffingabove another. Benefits, mainstream and unique, issues. Now, more than ever, it is imperative to payand a career path are critical to recruiting and competitive wages, and focus on the companymaintaining employees.culture and retainment of employees.ALLEN: Supply chain effects in 2023 will be NOYES: While supply chain issues and staffingdifferent; with inflation causing price increases, issues are something we have been dealing with forsourcing will become a larger focus.years now, our organization and most of the industryThe staffing issue will become less severe, but job have made the appropriate pricing changes andquality will become the highest retention issue, more other operational changes to cover the increases.than wages and benefits. I think being short-staffed is That said, we do see both continuing into 2023. the new normal. We see some companies having to leave money on the table because they cant find staff MCKINLEY: Yes, supply chain and staffing issuesto support events. For us, the entire hotel has to pull will continue in 2023. We havent seen any realoff events, from the GM to the controller. Everyone improvement in the supply chain, nor is it apparenton the exec committee is pitching in. Its no longer a that impactful steps are being taken to addressThis is not my job type of world. I dont see it getting supply chain issues. There are so many potentialbetter next year. Were also seeing wage increases all challenges looming in the background that impactthe way across the board.the supply chain, from the cost of fuel, potential labor union strikes to the threat of war. It isnt likelyARVIDSON: Supply chain issues and staffing that things will change much in 2023 with regards toshortages continue to be a challenge for our entire supply chain. industry. The supply chain has been faced with Staffing issues are ongoing. This is not a newagricultural and labor problems, which makes it issue; the industry has been faced with workforcedifficult for distribution. Both are dependent on matters for years. Throughout the pandemic and itslabor, transportation and field employees to execute. aftermath, employees began to take stock in theirWe are the final stop to what is served, so if youre missing the two most key ingredients, it is extremely hard to have a final product be perfect. This is why we continue to be creative in our sourcing.GROSS: ORA member restaurants report that inflation and labor shortages are the two biggest issues impacting profitability in 2022, and I dont think well see a change in those concerns, at least through the first half of 2023. Ultimately the length and severity of the economic downturn/recession will determine the health of the industry next year. Supply chain shortages and delays do not seem as big of a concern as they were in 2020 and 2021. While businesses are still reporting delays and product shortages, the industry has adjusted to manage these issues through better communication with guests and more flexible menu offerings.CATERING, FOODSERVICE & EVENTS cfe-news.com39'