b'Bold DesignsAlongside color, designs are getting bolder. Were saying goodbye to pastels and neutrals, says LUX CATERING & EVENTS Sanchez. Were seeing a lot more unforgettable themes and whimsy. Think bold colors, heavy prints, over-the-top florals, Alice in Wonderland, or even Midsummer Nights Dream! Understated is moving over, and statement weddings are coming in. Dramatic, statement floral installations are becoming more prevalent in these weddings. Architectural floral installations are becoming more and more popular.Honoring PetsCouples pets are increasingly included in the big dayeven if theyre not physically there. Incorporating pets into the wedding day without them actually being present is a new trend popping up more and more, says Caroline Robert, photographer and owner of CAROLINES COLLECTIVE. Naming signature cocktails after pets or creating caricatures of them for napkins are the most common ways Ive seen. Everyone seems to be a big fan, because who wouldnt love those adorable faces?TOP PHOTO BY BILLOW AND MULLCATERING, FOODSERVICE & EVENTS cfe-news.com27'