b"Clients want to embellishWe spend a lot of time getting to know our clients and designing just the right dessert that their tablescapes withhas elements of what they love and more to ensure that the very last bite of the night will be small, sweet treats.as special and memorable as the first.Our iconic Dessert Wall has become a We are seeing thesignature staple at many a wedding, mitzvah, gala and corporate event. Guests are like kids return of elegant andin a candy store when they approach. We hand them a bakery box so they can pick out their painstakingly perfectfavorites, and they go to town like they are about to have their last meal and will never have little petits fours,sweets again. We customize the signage of the tiny Madeleines andwall in the style of the event, creating specialty branded cookies and other items that reflect the chocolate-dippedevents branding or the guest of honor.gooseberries, to name a few bite-sized desserts. Marcia Selden's iconic Dessert Wall (above) is a guest favorite.LEFT PHOTO BY ROBIN SELDEN; RIGHT PHOTO BY HECHLER PHOTOGRAPHERSCATERING, FOODSERVICE & EVENTS cfe-news.com21"