b'A beautiful craft cocktail bar is sure to make couples feel special and their guests happyand batching the cocktails ahead of time is the best way to make service run smoothly and quickly. How to Scale Cocktails into Batched Quantities If making craft cocktails one by one for 100 or more guests sounds daunting (and slow), the process of batching drinks will be your new best friend. While it takes more prep time to turn drinks into large-format offerings, it will ultimately cut down on serving time, making guests happy and bartenders less stressed.There are three main ways to make large-scale drinks: ELEMENTAL BATCHING: Combine similar ingredientsAn elevated drinkssuch as all liquors or all juicesahead of time for rapid, fresh menu will not onlyservice. Youll add the other ingredients on site.PUNCH BOWL PREPARATION: Build all ingredients please your weddingtogether in a large-format vessel for quick service.couples and their PRE-BATCH: Similar to a punch bowl, you decant the batch into smaller, more manageable quantities (usually 750ml) to guests, but an upscalecombine later or serve from smaller vessels. This is a good way luxury bar with optionsto keep the final cocktail fresh as you need to replenish stock throughout the evening.is something you canOnce you know how many guests youre serving, scale the charge more for. recipe by multiplying it by the number of servings needed.Doing this will determine how much of each ingredient to buy. Make sure to get enough for all guests to have multiple drinksits a huge disappointment when the bar runs out of your favorite. Before batching, test and prep your ingredients in a single serving cocktail to make sure youre happy with it before pouring a whole bottle of alcohol (or four) into the punch bowl.PHOTO BY MONIKA GRABKOWSKA VIA UNSPLASH.COM CATERING, FOODSERVICE & EVENTS cfe-news.com45'