b'INSIDERS INSIGHTMini Sweet TreatsAt all types of events, clients want to embellish their tablescapes with small, sweet treats. We are seeing the return of elegant and painstakingly perfect little petits fours, tiny Madeleines and chocolate-dipped gooseberries, to name a few bite-sized desserts. These beauties are always devoured, and often as we watch from the sidelines I wonder if the guests realize how long it took us to glaze and pipe that perfect petit four, as it gets gobbled up in a matter of seconds.We charge a lot for these precious gems, and our clients keep coming back for more. Can you say awesome upsell? Serving these stunning and precious bites really can make the night. Guests who are watching their weight or are on a never-ending diet always feel like if its just one bite then maybe it doesnt count. Our sales team is there to help share in that sentiment, and it works well for us!Bite-sized desserts served up by Marcia Selden Catering include (top to bottom) white chocolate gooseberries; a trio of tiny cupcakes; raspberry almond petits fours; and (opposite) mini orange Madeleines.20 CATERING, FOODSERVICE & EVENTS cfe-news.com TOP AND MIDDLE PHOTOS BY NEIL LANDINO; BOTTOM PHOTO BY ROBIN SELDEN'