b'INSIDERS INSIGHTCustomized and InteractiveFor an upcoming corporate holiday party, we are offering a variety of cupcakes that guests can decorate and design to give an interactive element to the wall. The display will include custom tubes of icing that we fill and sticker with their branding, as well as fun holiday candies and sprinkles. There will be customized gingerbread cookies, with the gingerbread people wearing T-shirts displaying the clients logo. How cute is that? At the station we Marcia Selden sweet treatswill also have a big hot chocolate display, where that keep them coming backguests can select their favorite kind of hot chocolate for more include (clockwiseand top it with three different kinds of whipped from above) chocolatecream, crushed candy canes, custom homemade melting domes with bourbonmarshmallows, and large pieces of Belgium bread pudding; birthday cake favors; raspberrychocolate that our station elves will be shaving.Eton mess; lemon pannaAt a clients recent birthday event, she wanted to cotta with minted raspberryserve a beautiful dessert but didnt want the cake to soup; and a dessert tree ofgo to waste. So we created small cylinder cakes in deconstructed cake globes. Lucite boxes, so each guest could take home a piece of the birthday cake as a favor rather than eat it there.22 CATERING, FOODSERVICE & EVENTS cfe-news.com LEFT TWO PHOTOS BY ROBIN SELDEN; TOP PHOTO BY MICHAEL JURICK PHOTOGRAPHY'