b'Experiential FavorsNow that weddings are back in full swing, couples also want to treat their guests with unforgettable experiential elements. Cool, fun, personalized experiences ARE the new wedding favor, says Julia Hahn, owner of WHITEHOUSE CATERERS AT OVERHILLS MANSION in Catonsville, Maryland. We expect that trend to become even more creative in 2023, with couples incorporating the things they love into their guests experience. Examples include belly dancers, a life-sized paint-by-number picture of the couple, scavenger hunts, silent discos, butter boards, cigars hand-rolled by an expert, firepits and handcrafted cocktails, notes Hahn: All the things they love plus all the people they lovewhat could be better?SmokeUbe-Flavored BubbleEverythingCocktails The nutritious purple yam is showing up in a variety of wedding menu items, according Another drinks trend adding ato CONSTELLATION CULINARY wow factor to weddings areGROUP. With its pleasing hue and healthy smoke bubble cocktails. Thereputationits high in healthy carbs, CONSTELLATION CULINARYvitamins, fiber and antioxidantsthe ube is team at the NORTONan especially popular choice for sweet treats MUSEUM OF ART in Westlike doughnuts and ice cream. Palm Beach, Florida, reports that edible smoke bubble cocktails are a consistent request for 2023 weddings. TOP PHOTO BY KEN PAK PHOTOGRAPHY CATERING, FOODSERVICE & EVENTS cfe-news.com31'