b'Employees who feel heard and seen will go to their managers or HR team before they go to a lawyer. Taking steps to minimize the risk is notOrganizations can support only a smart business practice, but its alsothis behavior by taking essential for any business that wants to continue to keep its doors open and stillaccusations of discrimination retain its insurance protections.and harassment seriously with The best defense against expensiveABOUT THE AUTHOREPLI claims is an active risk mitigationa swift, thoughtful response. Kimberly Gore is the program. Consider these four best practicesnational practice leader for preventing claims: of HUB Internationals 4. Record everything. Hospitality Specialty 1. Create a formal policy. Each complaint must be recorded andPractice. She has over Expectations for proper workplace etiquettedocumented. Not only is this a good way30 years experience in and behavior should be in writing, and anto keep track of challenging employeethe insurance industry employee handbook is the best place forinteractions, but written policies andwith a specialization that information. Make sure you updatecareful documentation are critical duringin hospitality and and revise the entire handbook and anythe litigation process, if it comes to that.tourism clients. Gore specific policies annually to reflect any legalMaintain a separate investigation fileis responsible for a and regulatory changes. A complete policythat includes all written correspondence,strategic approach to includes reporting protocols, which formalizeand be sure to summarize any verbalcarrier relationships, how employees can lodge a complaintcommunications in an email after thespecialization and best-and report inappropriate behavior, and theconversation. Each investigation shouldin-class service to benefit avenues for doing so; as well as investigationinclude a written conclusion, whether theeach client. She is an procedures that detail who performsallegations had merit or not. active member of the investigations, how they are conducted andinsurance community, when they are typically completed. According to the National Restaurantserving as president of Association, industry sales are downIIABHGC and as a board 2. Mandate training. $65 billion from 2019. If youre onemember for IIABSC, and Offer specific training so all employeesof those that managed to survive thewas awarded the South understand the policy. Employees needpandemic by the skin of your teeth,Carolina Young Agent clear instruction on what constitutesdont get tripped up by harassment andof the year in 2010. For harassment, discrimination or retaliation;discrimination claims now. Keep thesemore information, visit managers need training on handlingbest practices in mind to protect yourhubinternational.com.complaints. Be sure to include informationemployees and your business. on disability discrimination, which is less understood than other areas. Managers and supervisors need to understand the types of questions that are permissible by law as well as the requirements for providing reasonable accommodations to employees with a disability.3. Build a positive culture.Mitigate EPLI claims by creating a positive workplace culture. Employees who feel heard and seen will go to their managers or HR team before they go to a lawyer. Organizations can support this behavior by taking accusations of discrimination and harassment seriously with a swift, thoughtful response.CATERING, FOODSERVICE & EVENTS cfe-news.com51'