b'GROSS: The next 12 months are difficult to predict for restaurant and foodservice operations. There are still so many factors at play, including an ongoing labor shortage and cost-of-goods inflation that many How is business looking foroperators continue to navigate.2023 compared with 2022? ARVIDSON: Lancer Hospitality Group oversees various cultural attractions, including catering services, zoos, aquariums, golf courses, and parks and recreation venues. We continue to see an increase in outdoor engagement and tourism because NOYES: We are projecting a 35% lift year over yearpeople are becoming more comfortable going out in top-line revenue. Most of this lift is due to certainand enjoying themselves. Our team has not only business segments that had not fully recovered earlyrebounded from 2021 and 2020, we are growing in the year that we see normalizing in 2023. back to our pre-pandemic high. In 2022, we have taken on multiple new locations. Lancer Hospitality HANSEN: Were planning on considerably moreis also seeing a pickup in special events this year revenue in 2023, because were blessed to beover the last. A majority of those events have been in South Florida, where so many people haveweddings, bar mitzvahs, showers and birthdays.moved. Not that we are recession-proof, but I dont think we are going to have the same impact ofCARNEY: Business for 2023 is so far appearing the recessionary influences as other parts of theto be back on track with how things looked in country. Were very optimistic for next year. Wethe beginning of 2020. Were now working on project revenues will be up at least 20 percent. building the team back up to support the amount of We bounced back from COVID very quickly downinquiries/business coming in.here in Florida, so last year our wedding business was through the roof, whereas this year our weddingMcKINLEY: I really hope the industry performs business is not as robust as it was last year. Much ofbetter in 2023 than in 2022. We have one big that 20 percent increase will be corporate rebound.question mark that will determine the answer to this Corporate business is back, and were in a state whereand that is: Will inflation slow down? Right now, we its very desirable for companies to come for retreatsare looking at an annual inflation rate for the United and meetings. Were even having to turn down someStates of 8.2% (all items index) for the 12 months events because we just cant handle any more. ending September 2022, according to U.S. Labor Department data published on Oct. 13, 2022. GRYGO: It is hard to anticipate, as most clients areWith that noted, as long as consumers can wary of booking so far in advance, especially afterafford to dine out, they will. Restaurants are the new the pandemic. We have some clients who put in datekitchen table. People gather at their favorite spot to holds for the larger events. But we expect businesscelebrate, enjoy life, and commiserate lifes ups and to increase in 2023, as more companies will bedowns. In addition, eating outside the home in many returning to working hybrid schedules. Weddingscases is a convenience that would be tough for many are already trending up. to give up.38 CATERING, FOODSERVICE & EVENTS cfe-news.com'